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3 Online Mastering Tips

Online mastering services like this one can be a quick andd affordable way to improve the sound quality of your recordings and make sure they sound as good as possionline mastering tipsble before you release them to your fans and the world over. Keep these three online mastering tips in mind to get the best possible experience with your online mastering service you choose.

What Does Compression Do?

Compression is a powerful, sometimes helpful and sometimes dangerous, audio effect for giving your audio a great deal more perceived presence, shine, polish, and production. In this article I'm going to cover why compression is so effective, why it's so abused, and how to get the most out of it without going overboard to make your mixes sound better.

Why is Audio Mastering Important?

Audio mastering is typically misunderstood and honestly many people mistake it for simply boosting the output signal. In truth, audio mastering is so much more than that from carefully sculpting your audio to getting is set for a physical pressing, so let's talk about why audio mastering is so important if you plan on releasing your music commercially on any level.

How is Mastering for Vinyl Different Than Mastering for CD?

Many more passionate music listeners prefer the more intimate listening experience that is vinyl. It makes sense when you think about it. Listening to vinyl requires much more of an investment in both time and money on the part of the listener. It costs more to purchase an album on vinyl typically, and it can't be listened to on the go. This is why it's typically the more passionate music fan who collects and listens to vinyl, as it takes a lot more effort to listen to something on vinyl rather than listening to the same song on your phone while you're driving or working out.